Invest in a Brazilian PV lot and rent it via COSOL

Para ser construida em cada estado do Brasil. 5 MW de potencia. Foto meramente ilustrativa.

Para ser construida em cada estado do Brasil. 5 MW de potencia. Foto meramente ilustrativa.


  • Automated renting via COSOL

  • Payback in 4 to 5 years

  • Yearly rent between 20% to 30% of the investment

  • Fixed or variable rent, following electricity rates

  • Constrction in 6 month

  • Generation lifetime of 30 years

  • Sell your PV lot any time

  • Yearly O&M only 2% of investment

  • Free transmission as established by the Normative Rule 687/15 of the Brazilain Energy Agency, ANEEL


Investing in solar PV is an investment in the future of our planet.


How it works

1. Contract

We sign a pre-contract that we turn final once all PV lots will have potential investors.

2. PV Plant construction

Payment will be gradual, parallel to the construction phase. Works will finish in 6 month time. 

3. Renting the lots

Once the plant will generate energy we rent the lots to SMEs and residencies. Your income = Rent - O&M.

COSOL is developing an online platform where energy consumers could rent PV lots to substitute their energy bill. The rent is around 10 to 20% cheaper than buying the same energy from the utility. This way our market is guaranteed. Our model is in full accordance with the Brazilian Energy Agency´s (ANEEL) Normative Rule nr. 687/15 about distributed energy generation. 

The PV lots

Invest in PV lots in our solar condo to receive a 20 to 30% yearly return by renting them. You can sell the parcels any time and they will produce energy for the next 30 years. In only about 5 years you would have a payback of your investment and after this you will receive a net profit for 25 years to come. You can choose between a fixed 10 year renting contract or a variable rent following energy tariffs.  


  • Investment: R$ 11 990
  • Monthly O&M: R$ 19.99
  • Yearly generation: 4 000 kWh
  • Yield (rent)¹: R$ 2 400 /year


  • Investment: R$ 29 990
  • Monthly O&M: R$ 49.99
  • Yearly generation: 10 000 kWh
  • Yield (rent)¹: R$ 6 000 /year


  • Investment: R$ 59 990
  • Monthly O&M: R$ 99.99
  • Yearly generation: 20 000 kWh
  • Yield (rent)¹: R$ 12 000 /year

Lot Monkey20

  • Investment: R$ 119 990
  • Monthly O&M: R$ 199.99
  • Yearly generation: 40 000 kWh
  • Yield (rent)¹: R$ 24 000 /year

Lot Jaguar50

  • Investment: R$ 299 990
  • Monthly O&M: R$ 499.99
  • Yearly generation: 100 000 kWh
  • Yield (rent)¹: R$ 60 000 /year

Lot Whale100

  • Investment: R$ 599 990
  • Monthly O&M: R$ 999.99
  • Yearly generation: 200 000 kWh
  • Yield (rent)¹: R$ 120 000 /year

¹The value of your yield is the rent payment discounted by the O&M costs. This is the net value you would receive from Cosol. Taxes are not applied as they differ individually.  

Business model

Shared PV plant. (illustration only)

Shared PV plant. (illustration only)

The energy compensation system (net metering) was created by the Brazilian Energy Agency, ANEEL, allowing the consumer to generate his own electricity and receive credits by the kWh, discounted from his power bill.

Remote self consumption means that the generated credits can be discounted from the bills of consumer units at a different location. Although our PV plants are located in the sunniest regions the generated credits can be used by any power consumer within the same state. 

Shared generation enables that various stakeholders may form a joint venture to install a common PV plant and utilize the the generated energy credits to discount the bills of the participants.

The Guarantees

The Power plant

Your money will be invested in PV panels, land and solar generation equipments. You will be the owner of a lot in the PV plant. The PV panels come with a 25 years manufacturer guarantee.  It´s a mature and proven technology. 

increasing tariffs

National rules

The net metering rules of the National Energy Agency, ANEEL, are  clearly defined. The PV lots have a reliable generation that can be rented. The return of your investment is guaranteed by the net metering rules. 

Green line: inflation; Red curve: Energy tarif

Energy tariffs has increased in the past 20 years significantly more than inflation rates. The value of your PV lot will therefore increase parallel to the future tariffs. Energy demand in Brazil increases 4% a year on average.


High return

  • Increasing energy tariffs
  • High radiation = high energy yields
  • Reliable, constant generation
  • Fixed or variable rental fees
  • Low maintencence fees

Low risk

  • Increasing energy demand
  • Equipments with 25 years warranty
  • Maintenance and security 24h
  • Insurance agains environmental hazards
  • Stable legal framework

comparing investment options

Real estate

  • Low risk
  • Low return
  • 3% - 5%
  • Low liquidity
  • Property value gain
  • High maintenance
  • Physical guarantee

Treasury bill

  • Low-medium risk
  • Medium return
  • 8% - 12%
  • High liquidity
  • Inflation imapcts
  • Monetary only
  • Government guarantee

SOLAR utility

stock portfolio

  • High risk
  • Eventual high return
  • -50% / +50%
  • High liquidity
  • Volatility
  • Only monetary
  • No guarantees
  • Low risk
  • High-medium return
  • 18% - 30%
  • Medium liquidity
  • PV lot value gain
  • Low maintenance
  • Physical guarantee

I’d put my money on the sun and solar energy. What a source of power! I hope we don’t have to wait until oil and coal run out before we tackle that. I wish I had more years left.
— Thomas Edison

The Cosol Team

Csaba Sulyok

Economist, Oxford Brookes
MSc in Solar Energy
PhD in Energy and Environment

dr Ednildo Torres

Profesor of Energy, UFBA
PhD in Energy, UNICAMP
Ex-president of the Energy and Environment Institute of Bahia

Sara Manera

PR Manager
Journalist, UFBA
MBA in Projet managemant
Founder, Jacarandá Comunicação

Frederico Boschin

Legal counsel
Partner of SBSP Advogados
Master in Economic law
 MBA of the FGV

How do we double the Efficiency of solar power

Each R$ invested in the COSOL PV park generates twice the energy compared to rooftop installations. Economics of scale, higher solar radiation and the use of trackers increases even more our production. Invest now in your PV lot!

Economics of scale

Installation costs at a large PV plant are 33% lower compared to rooftops.

Solar radiation

The PV park´s location receives 20% more solar radiation than a city roof.


25% more energy using intelligent solar trackers following the sun.

Be our Angel Investor

The sharing economy model applied to solar energy

COSOL is a Brazilian start-up intermediating in the solar business between energy consumers, PV investors, EPConstructors, equipment manufacturers, government agencies and energy utilities. Become our investment partner in the consolidation phase and benefit from our growth in the near future. Contribute your funds to our working capital to enable de development of our online platform, marketing, HR, sales and other initial activities. Don´t bypass this unique opportunity to participate in the AirBnB and Uber of solar energy. 

Shall you be interested in investing in PV lots or participating in the founding of a new start-up, your investment will contribute to a more sustainable futre. Leave your contact details so we could better explain the benefits of investing in a solar condominium. 

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