IoRE - the Internet of Renewable Energy

IoRE is connecting energy consumers with distributed renewable power plants directly, without any intermediaries.

Sell or buy renewable energy securely without any transaction fee.


IoRE token

Renewable energy token of distributed power infrastructure for established energy companies and prosumers alike.

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Distributed ledger, securely recording every transaction 

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Smart Contracts

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Ethereum Blockchain

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Network Verification

Distributed power generation

With the advent of low cost renewable power technologies we enter the era of distributed generation. It makes sense to find an adequate IT solution to manage this distributed network of renewable energy assets. Our IoRE box smart power meters connect themselves using Blockchain technology eliminating the need of a third party intermediary between generators and consumers. Both energy and payment transactions are peer-to-peer and verified by the network of independent smart IoT meters. 

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IoRE box smart power meter

Each energy consumer and power generator will be equipped with an independent smart power meter. The IoRE box is an Internet connected smart device able to process energy and payment transactions on the shared blockchain database.

The IoRE box connects via WiFi to the home rooter, so there are no cables or additional Internet connections needed. It also connects to the digital power meter to regulate the flow of electricity.

The network of the IoRE boxes are the backbone of the Internet of Renewable Energy, collectively validating each P2P energy and payment transaction.