our mission

Cosol was created by the renewable energy research group of the Federal University of Bahia. The project was designed to offer the best cost-benefit ratio to solar investors. This is achieved by installing the plant where solar radiation is highest and enjoying the benefits resulting from the economics of scale of the large power plant. Our clients do not need to worry about installing a PV system, maintenance, cleaning, theft or a future shading. You only choose your plan to enjoy all the benefits solar energy could offer as an investment.

The COSOL Team

Csaba Sulyok, msc

Founder of Cosol
BA in International Business Administration and Economics - Oxford Brookes University
MSc in Industrial Engineering - Federal University of Bahia
PhD candidate in Energy and Environment - Federal University of Bahia

dr Prof Ednildo Andrade Torres

Professor of Energy at UFBA
Coordinator of the Energy and Gas Laboratory
PhD in Energy - UNICAMP
MSc in Mechanical Engineering
Ex-Director President of the Energy and Environment Institute of Bahia State

The solar condominium unite all the benefits that current technology and the market could offer. Clean, sustainable and economic power.
— Ednildo Andrade Torres, Professor of Energy, UFBA


Social Media Manager and Editor of the COSOL Blog
Graduating in Human Sciences at the Federal University of Bahia
Experienced administrator in the energy sector
Deep knowledge of digital marketing

dr Andras Rung

Senior Consultant of Online Communication
Master of Arts in Linguistics - Eötvös Loránd University
PhD, Summa Cum Laude, University of ELTE
Director of Ergomania UX

Ahmad Marvani

Senior Advisor LATAM
Master’s Degree, Information Technology Management for Business HTWG Konstanz
Senior Advisor - Deutsche Telecom
International Partner - Comline AG
General Manager - Lo Zarate